Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Any business wishing to secure its place in their market must pay to play. Paid advertising or lead generation has always been a cornerstone in bringing in business. However changes in local and global practices and technologies has also brought about a change in how a successful business leverages paid advertising.

What is Paid Advertising?

Imagine the world’s greatest hip hop music artist was scheduled to perform. Keep in mind this is indeed the world’s greatest artist so she spared no expense in providing above par staging, proper rehearsing, and a stellar assembly of her highest chart topping songs.

Imagine the performance being for a convention of the United Nations.

Right Message. Wrong Audience. 

Paid advertising is a form of lead generation regarding the practice of paying for any type of advertisement-whether online or offline-as opposed to earning the advertisement (through branding, loyalty, or necessity).

Local Joker Media Isn’t Your Regular Local Joker!

Many marketing agencies dangle the lure of overnight success with paid advertising. At Local Joker Media we work with businesses to determine what their goals are and we specialize in identifying what message your business needs. Using paid per click advertising with Google and targeting social media campaigns with platforms such as Facebook, we will provide measurable and adequate leads that convert into actual clients and further nurture them into real customers.

Right Message. Right Audience.

Why Paid Advertising?

Anyone who is anybody is aware of the fact that we are in an attention valued society. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep we are bombarded by friends, family, coworkers and advertisers for our attention. In the marketing field there is an accepted field of thought that attention is the new currency.

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