The Profit Pillar of Six: Lead Capture  (6 Pt Series)

As we discovered in Part 1 of the Profit Pillar of Six Series, lead generation is the cornerstone of a profitable business. Every business wishing to grow sales, must have an air tight lead generation system in place.

Lead capturing is simply defined as having a process of gathering and collecting information from potential customers such as name and email address, with the goal to further follow up as they progress along your sales funnel.

So let’s say you’ve been able to bring steady traffic to your site either through organic methods, using paid traffic or a combination of  both…

Traffic is of no real value unless these two things are met:

1- It is quality traffic

2-It is being “converted”

Quality traffic will be rendered by  having a solid lead generation system. Converting this quality traffic is all about your Lead Capture sector in the Profit Pillar of Six.

Is Your Value Proposition Properly Positioned?

With a combination of recent internet privacy breech scandals, your competitor’s vying for your customer’s attention,  and the public’s general skepticism, your business must break the mold in order to benefit from your Lead Capture system. As you may recall in Okay, So What the Heck Is a Sales Funnel? the Value Ladder is designed to increase your business’ perceived value thereby leading your customer through progressive levels in your sales funnel ultimately generating profit and repeat business.

Landing Pages and Lead Magnets

The typical means in creating a Lead Capture system is by use of a lead magnet or free incentive in exchange for your prospect’s consent and contact information. Lead magnets are typically digital collateral such as ebooks, newsletters, and/or videos.

Prospects are usually lead to your site’s landing page built with Clickfunnels, Leadpages, or any of the other numerous landing page creators. You can create lead magnet using a simple opt in form or giveaway. Landing pages aren’t necessary but they allow additional opportunities to make your Lead Capture system flow more fluidly, track metrics, and collect more prospect data.

Non Legally Binding Non Legal Advice

As a legal entity there are certain laws and responsibilities your business must adhere to when it comes to the collection of personal data. Be sure that your privacy policy and terms of services is in public scrutiny on your website. Allow visitors to consent to cookies, request for collection and removal of their data, and to be made aware that they are opting in to your business’ marketing channel. Failure to not fully comply with privacy policy laws could result in legal action and monetary restitution.

Lead Capture….

It may seem as though having a Lead Capture system is a complicated matter. You’ve done the work to generate leads. Isn’t lead generation enough? The truth of the matter is in most cases lead generation alone can bring your business all of the sales that your business can handle. Lead generation is the most important sector in the Profit Pillar of Six.

However the name of the game is building an effective sales funnel. Leads are weighed by their warmth in the customer’s journey. Lead capturing is about catching all prospects interested in your business’ services, even the one’s whom may not be ready to buy at the moment.  Having a solid Lead Capturing sequence in place allows you to segment cold, warm, and hot prospects which will greatly maximize your business’ sale’s funnel.

Just a Taste

Stay tuned for the 3rd Sector in the Profit Pillar of Six Series, Lead Nurture…..

Author: Big Teddy Cain

Big Teddy Cain is the President of Local Joker Media, a small business marketing agency located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Teddy Cain is a lead generation and business growth development strategist, specializing in the use of paid and free lead generation methods to increase business sales.

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